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Xtremis Cartel Sicario Swole Pump Liquid

Xtremis Cartel Sicario Swole Pump Liquid

Sicario Swole includes the best dosages of premium ingredients you cant see in powder form.
• 20 Grams of GlycerPuro™ (99.7% pure glycerol)*
• Osmolyte Synergy w/ Betaine, Taurine & Sodium Chloride*
• Sick Pumps*
• Totally Stim Free*


Swole Pump Matrix-The combination of ingredients in this matrix will have you feeling the swolest ever. With 20 grams of 99.7% glycerol from the GlycerPuro™, Betaine at 2.5 grams, Taurine at 1 gram and Pink Himalayan Salt, your pump is gonna get insane.*

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