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Xtremis Cartel BOMBA Intraworkout

Xtremis Cartel BOMBA Intraworkout

Bomba EAA Intra Workout

ASC Supplements Bomba Intra-Workout provides you with a huge 15.6 grams of both BCAA's and EAA's, a hydration complex of coconut water powder, taurine and electrolytes, includes Vitacherry and Senactiv; & finally AstraGin to tie it all together.*

This delicious EAA supplement can be taken in the morning before your fasted workout and not break your fasted state. When taking the EAA's provided in BOMBA, you are providing your muscles with the essentials they need to prevent the breakdown of muscle for protein. BOMBA is especially important to take before fasted cardio as the hydration complex will keep you hydrated and increase your ATP. * 

Within the EAA profile, BOMBA contains 6 grams of the 3 branched-chain amino acids which are essential to triggering muscle protein synthesis. This enables your muscles to better grow and repair themselves.*

Xtremis Cartel Bomba Highlights

  • 15+ Grams of BCAA’s (2:1:1)+EAA’s*
  • Quick Recovery*
  • Hyper Hydration*
  • Increased Muscular Endurance*
  • Natural Boost of ATP*
  • 5 Patented Ingredients*
  • Delicious Flavors-Drink Anytime!*

Bomba Intra Workout Supp Facts

How Is This Different From Similar Supps?

Bomba contains the full essential amino acid complex while providing hydration. What makes this a home-run is the effective dosages of amino acids, hydration ingredients, ATP boosting ingredients & AstraGin. All combined with Astragin to aid in absorption.

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