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InnovaPharm Novaburn 2.0

InnovaPharm Novaburn 2.0

InnovaPharm NovaBurn 2.0 (Stim Version)

Innova Pharm NovaBurn 2.0 contains multiple patented ingredients, thermogenic ingredients to support fat burning, energy and appetite during a calorie deficit. Novaburn 2.0 take a pragmatic and multi-pronged approach to healthy, rapid fat loss by promoting healthy blood sugar levels, AMPK stimulation, increasing resting energy expenditure, and attacking "stubborn" body far, all while protecting lean muscle tissue and improving body composition.

NovaBurn's goal is to provide enough stim to suppress appetite and give you energy while you're in a caloric deficit and just enough thermogenic that your body burns fat.  

This is the stimulant version containing caffeine, the stimulant free version contains EnXtra instead of Caffeine.

NovaBurn 2.0 (Stim Version) Highlights

  • Contains Caffeine
  • Great Blend of Ingredients for Weight Loss
  • 30 Servings

NovaBurn 2.0 (Stim Version) Supp Facts

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