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Dark Labs Crack Daily Pre-Workout

Dark Labs Crack Daily Pre-Workout

Dark Labs Crack Daily Pre-workout – 30 servings

Its a pre workout for a daily use

It contains everything to have effective workout everyday

Dark Labs Crack Daily Supplement Facts

  • Energy – three sources of caffeine: fast, normal and long time release gives almost 400mg of total caffeine. Supported by 1.5mg of Alpha Yohimbine and Theobromine – gives enough energy and won’t last for 12 hours
  • Pump  5g L-Citrulline and 2.5g HydroPrime – enough to get solid pump. Believe us, you don’t need 25g of pump ingredients, your body won’t use them 
  • Mood  500mg of B-PEA, Theobromine, and caffeine should make you a little more happy then usual and won’t give a crash or depression
  • Endurance  4g of Beta Alanine, supported by Vitamin B3 increase endurance so you can make your workout more intense
  • Focus  L-Tyrosine enhanced by Caffeine and Theobromine – focus is never to much!
  • Hydration  HydroPrime and Sodium (from Pink Himalayan Sea Salt) helps keep a water in your body and stay hydrated.
  • Absorption – everything above will be better absorbed by our body if we use AstraGin

This is our idea for a daily pre workout.

14 grams of active ingredients is enough to make your workout effective and well done.

No hardcore stimulants so no crash.

Everything in reasonable price makes Crack Daily a good choice

Do you want to make it stronger? Combine with Euphoria from us!

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