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Astroflav MetaBurn PM Sleep Aid

Astroflav MetaBurn PM Sleep Aid

AstroFlav Metaburn PM Sleep Aid & Fat Burner

Metaburn PM by AstroFlav is a hybrid of a sleep aid & fat burner. MetaBurn PM contains Zylaria™, melatonin and ashwaganda for sleep & stress support. For the fat loss side, Metaburn PM contains the metabolism-boosting ingredient MitoBurn to supercharge fat-burning while you sleep.

Metaburn PM Highlights

  • Sleep Faster
  • Sleep Deeper, Longer
  • Nighttime Metabolism Boost
  • Feel Refreshed, Renewed and Re-Energized
  • Wake Up Energized Without a Sleep “Hangover"

MetaBurn PM Supp Facts

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