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Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre Pre-Workout

Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre Pre-Workout

F#ck Mediocre Pre Workout - High Stim, Fully Loaded Formula

Elevate your workout with F#ck Mediocre Pre Workout, a powerhouse supplement designed to maximize your performance. Packed with 10,000mg of citrulline, 4,200mg of arginine nitrates, 1,000mg of alpha GPC, 600mg of active caffeine, and 2mg of Alpha Yo, this pre workout formula delivers unmatched energy and focus.

Why Choose F#ck Mediocre Pre Workout?

  • High Stim Formula: Engineered for those who demand the best, this pre workout is loaded with premium ingredients to boost your pump and focus.
  • Maximum Performance: 10,000mg of citrulline and 4,200mg of arginine nitrates enhance blood flow, ensuring superior muscle pumps.
  • Enhanced Focus: 1,000mg of alpha GPC helps improve mental clarity and concentration during intense workouts.
  • Energy Boost: With 600mg of active caffeine per serving, you'll experience sustained energy without the crash.
  • Safe and Compliant: No illicit ingredients, just effective and compliant compounds to support your fitness goals.

F#ck Mediocre Pre Workout Highlights:

  • High Stim, Fully Compliant Pre Workout
  • Packed with Citrulline and Nitrates for Superior Pumps
  • 600mg Active Caffeine per Full Serving
  • Contains Alpha Yo for Enhanced Focus

Transform your workouts and break through your limits with F#ck Mediocre Pre Workout. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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