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Apollon Nutrition Black Tulip Pre-Workout

Apollon Nutrition Black Tulip Pre-Workout

Apollon Nutrition Assassin Black Tulip Pre-Workout

Apollon Nutrition has now launched a whole new pre-workout that is focused at combining a pre-workout experience with fat burning elements to help those who are working out with weight loss in mind.

The elusive black tulip is cherished by many but is rarely experienced by ordinary men. But to those that understand its true meaning, witnessing it can be the achievement of a lifetime.

Black Tulip is an awesome fat burning pre-workout from the Vice-President of Apollon Nutrition, Katalina.

Assassin Black Tulip may help you become the best version of yourself without question. It’s one of the top tier thermogenic pre-workouts that personifies what Apollon Nutrition is all about.

Assassin Black Tulip Highlights

  • Maximizes cardio & endurance.
  • Accelerates fat loss & lean gains .
  • Creates laser-like focus.
  • Zero fillers.
  • 100% Transparent Label.

Black Tulip Supp Fact Highlights (1 Scoop Serving)

  • Beta Alanine - 3200mg

  • Betaine Anhydrous - 2500mg

  • Tyrosine - 2000mg

  • Carnitine L Tartrate - 1000mg

  • Theobromine - 500mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous - 350mg

  • Eria Jarensis - 300mg

  • Paradoxine - 200mg

  • ElevATP - 150mg

  • Caffeine Malate - 120mg

  • Synephrine - 120mg

  • GGB - 50mg

  • AstraGin - 25mg

  • Yohimbine - 2mg

  • Alpha Yohimbine - 2mg

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