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Dark Labs Crack Undead King Pre-Workout

Dark Labs Crack Undead King Pre-Workout


Dark Labs Crack “Undead King” limited edition

Another limited edition of the legendary pre-workout. It seems that this is the strongest version of all the products available in our store.

Dark Labs Crack Undead King gives you:

  • extraordinary stimulation
  • insane energy
  • laser sharp focus
  • monster pump

In the composition you will find both ingredients that increase the muscle pump, e.g. L-Citrulline or Agmatyne, but also strong stimulants in high doses, e.g. Caffeine, Eria jarensis or DMHA in a record dose of 350 mg!

Crack Undead King is not your daily pre-workout, it’s a hardcore product for people over 18 who have experience using strong pre-workouts.

Suggested use of Dark Labs Crack “Undead King”:

Start with a half serving (half a scoop) to see how the Dark Labs Crack “Undead King” works for you. Half a scoop will be enough for most of you. Experienced user can start with full serving.

Use 30 minutes before training with 300 ml of water.

Do not take after 5 pm

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