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Apollon Nutrition FURIOUSA Pre-Workout

Apollon Nutrition FURIOUSA Pre-Workout

Furiosa Pre Workout

Furiosa pre workout from Apollon Nutrition is a stimulant based pre workout, but in a capsule.

Since Furiosa is bound to capsules, Apollon couldnt fit the regular ingredients you see in pre workouts like citrulline, beta alanine, betaine, etc. But Apollon did double down on ingredients that provide great value per serving like alpha yo, CellFlo6, Alpha GPC, and caffeine in different forms.

Furiosa Pre Workout Highlights

  • Big results in a small package
  • Capsule instead of powder
  • No beta alanine
  • Big dose of CellFlo6
  • No exotic stimulants

Apollon Furiosa Supp Facts

  • Very specific green tea extract that may support an increase in blood flow. In turn, this provides vascularity and pumps.


  • Aids production of acetylcholine (the “learning neurotransmitter”) which is heavily involved with memory, learning, and the mind-muscle connection


  • Powerful CNS stimulant that increases alertness, motivation, neural drive, and stamina
  • Award-winning caffeine-free extract shown in human clinical studies to enhance alertness and focus for up to 5 hours with and without caffeine.
  • elevATP has been shown to increase endogenous levels of ATP (the cellular “currency” of energy production)
  • Di Caffeine Malate that is a delayed release version of caffeine


  • Increases absorption of amino acids which support greater ingredient effectiveness


  • Greater blood flow increases the brain’s supply of oxygen and neurotransmitters, thereby bolstering focus and concentration


  • Aggressive CNS stimulant heralded for its potent energy “kick” and amplified motivation


  • Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase -- the enzyme the degrades acetylcholine

Furiosa FAQ

How can I use Furiosa?

  • FURIOSA pre workout is versatile and can be used before your workout. It is suggested starting with a half-serving (2-3 capsules) and assessing tolerance before trying a full serving.

Can I stack Furiosa with anything?

  • You can stack Furiosa with the following for maximum benefit:
  1. Sicario Non Stim Pre Workout
  2. Ryse Pump Caps
  3. Compound Pump

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